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Haddenham St Mary's

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Mrs Collett


Our Vision

At Haddenham St Mary’s Church of England School we are committed to excellence, care and fun for all.

Integral to our approach is the Christian ethos of caring for one another in school, in the local community and in society. At Haddenham St Mary’s, every child matters and everyone cares.

Our Aims:

We work in partnership with parents, governors and the wider community to -

  • Promote curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Develop all abilities
  • Reward effort and achievement
  • Encourage independence
  • Promote creative and logical thinking
  • Encourage respect and sensitivity for others
  • Develop self confidence and self-esteem
  • Support Christian values
Our Legacy:

For every child and every family to take away wonderful memories of their early years with us.

Our core values:







Equality and Diversity Objectives

At Haddenham St Mary's we aim to:

*Promote and enhance community cohesion and a sense of shared belonging in the school, and in the school's neighbourhood by increasing the amount of community activity that the school is involved in.

*Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through the teaching of the curriculum, with particular reference to equality and diversity by embedding this into the curriculum as a whole and with a particular focus in specialist weeks.

In the news...

Christmas has officially started at Haddenham St Mary's! The school is looking even more beautiful than ever with all the wonderful decorations and displays. It's going to be a very busy few weeks!

 'Excellence, care and fun for all'

Best wishes,

Mrs. Collett




Term Dates:

Please see our most recent newsletter in the NEWS section for current term dates